Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lizzie and Hanna; first day of school!

So Monday was the first day of school for Lizzie and Hanna. They are attending UCAS as seen above witch is a Early college high school and we are very excited for the opportunity that Liz has to attend. She will be able to graduate with her Associates degree and will be eligible for numerous scholarships if she keeps her grade point up. Not very many students get into this school and so we are very honored.

 Lizzie (15) and Hanna (16) in front of the apple tree, Licorice snuck into the picture as well. First day of school Monday August 15th, 2011.

 Addi jumped in to help Hanna hold up 11 fingers for her 11th year and Liz is a 10th grader this year!

 They get to ride the city bus system to and from school everyday, I am glad that they are all able to go together and be each others buddies. Dev got into the school 4 days before it started and so we were excited that she could attend there as well. They leave at 8:15am and get home about 4:30pm. Let the studying begin!

 There are some other students that catch the bus as well and all get to enjoy the ride together, Hanna had fun yesterday talking or as Lizzie said "flirting" with another fellow Jr. I laughed because we all love to hear Hanna talk, her accent is so amazing!

 For Family Home Evening we watched how to train your dragon and had Root beer floats. But first we had Hanna try some pop rocks!

 She wouldn't do it alone and so of course I stepped in to help. I love pop rocks!

 Lets just say she wasn't impressed....hahahaha!

2 kids down only 4 more to go. Lexi, Anni and Leah start Monday and Addi starts school the following Monday.
 I need to get a hobby! I will be alone for the whole morning!

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courtney said...

That is very exciting for liz and hannah. I am very excited for them!

Pop rocks....awesome!