Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hanna's Happenings!

So we finally got our exchange student that we have been planning for. Her name is Hanna Schurer, She got here July 28th 2011 and she had a very long and tiring time flying for so many hours. I was at girls camp with the three older girls but Jason, Leah and Addi were all there at the airport to meet her.
Since then we have all been asking her tons of questions about Germany and what they have there that they don't have here in the USA. Lizzie was asking all kinds of silly questions and finally Hanna said "I live in Germany, not on the moon!" I laughed and laughed because it was the first time I felt she was relaxed within our family.
Lizzie and Hanna start school on Monday and they will be going here for school. They will ride the bus to and from school and so they will be gone for the majority of they day. They will be taking seminary and I think they will have fun taking it together. Life is going to get very busy in the Lanegan house with 2 kids in high school and 2 in Jr high and 2 at the middle school, my days will be nice and quiet! I want to start a blog that is just about Our exchange student and it will be something that we can print and give to her at the end of her time with us, sort of a book of remembrance! For now here are some pics and randomness of what we have been doing.

 Monday night is family night at the pool and so we took everyone over for some water fun. We even got Hanna to go down the water slide!

Since getting a week off of work for girls camp and having the other person that closes at the restaurant get married I had to take a few extra shifts. While I was at work Jason took the kids to Bridal Veil Falls and hiking at a few other places, here are some highlights!

 See their faces? The water was about 50 degrees!

 Lizzie has been wanting to earn extra money this summer and so she had been doing chores for me to get that, Jason decides that he will give her 5$ if she will go under this freezing water all the way...... and she did! I don't think it was worth only 5$ but she thought it was totally worth it.

 Lizzie said she would give Leah one of her dollars if she did it too.

 During all of this Anni and Lexi were trying to get to the top of the waterfall, they didn't get that close and by the time they got back they were sooooooo hot that........

 They jumped in without any monetary bribery!

 After the falls Jason took them hiking up rock canyon, this is Hanna pointing to Spanish fork, Utah!

 This is the trail that the kids were hiking on, we didn't find out that Hanna is deathly scared if heights till she was part way down the trail and then she just froze in place and would go no further. But she was a good sport to even go that far!

 Lexi disagreeing with something Jason said about her.....I love this picture and you better believe it will be shown at her wedding.

                                                           Addi is king of this mountain!

           Jason and I have decided to blame Lizzie's weirdness in these next photos on her grandparents.....

                                                                Especially this one!


shaina said...

Nice! I'm glad she is getting out and enjoying time with your family! When she's gone, can I be your exchange student?

wienerhoneymooners said...

Awesome, I was just about to post that I NEEDED to have an update!!! Here it is... HI HANNA!!! Hi my neices and Addi too!

Busy girls (and two men..) Addi would appreciate being called the man of the house when daddy is away.

I love all the summer fun.
Love Auntie Kim

Melissa said...

I love the updates. I will plan on seeing that picture of Lexi at "the" wedding. Love you all.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

That looks like they all had so much fun! I am glad that she is feeling more comfortable with the family. Lizzie is totally weird, but honestly I think she gets it from Jason, not her grandparents. LOL

Queen of Chaos said...

I love hiking and seeing the views from below. So pretty.

I hope you all have fun with Hanna, and she enjoys her visit to the U.S. :)

Germany is such a beautiful country and I miss it! I think i will stow away in Hanna's bags when she leaves. hahaha