Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last days of summer pictures...

Here a few last pics from the summer, not sure if I showed these of the girls from Girls camp, in Heber Valley. We climbed up a post that was 30 feet up and then had to walk across a beam that wasn't flat and then at the end you got to ride a zip line down. It was very scary but very spiritual at the same time, because it was all about teamwork and leaning on our Father in Heaven for support and Guidance, the girls did great! I was the scardy cat!

These are out of order, this is Liz going down the zip line.

She just got done walking across the beam.

She is very intent, she wasn't gonna go if I didn't do it too. I told I was and so she did!

Zip line

Walking across, she was like la de da no big deal....

from the ground up it didn't seem that far up till you were at the top.


Don't have any idea what they are doing????

I like this pic of all of us, you can hardly see lexi we are all so close

riding the bus to girls camp

It was Lexi's first year!

We had a rain storm and Jason told all the kids to go play in it, so they did, and it was coooooold!

Kinda blurry one of Addi jumping in the rain

Liz decided that she didn't want to get her hair all wet, so she missed out on the fun!

I found Addi one morning sitting here watching the rain fall so I decided to take a picture. I like the next one alot.

He was being so quiet, I asked him why he was sitting there and he told me he was waiting for the rainbow.


Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I like the last pic of addi too. Looks like the girls had fun at girls camp, I love playing in the rain!!

shaina said...

Great pictures. I sent my kids out to play in the rain too.

Georgie is only quiet like that when she's sneaking up on me in her "I'm watching you" way.

Nancy said...

Addi is sooo cute. i can imagine him saying he's waiting for the rainbow. The kids are cute in the rain! Oh liz, what a teenager :P

wienerhoneymooners said...

So neat! Would love to hear stories from camp! Love you all