Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lexi and Anni go on a college trip!

So these pictures are way out of order, but oh well. Jason had the opportunity to take a group of BYU students on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Him and a couple of other professors got a grant and the cost was very minimal for the students. Jason asked if he could bring a couple of the kids and Lexi and Anni were the lucky ones that got to go. The idea was to paint, draw, photograph and generally take in the sights and then have a group show later on to show what all the students did. The show will go up in July at the BYU student Gallery and then we can all enjoy what others did.

This was a pet cemetery, Jason said it was HUGE! I have never seen one so its cool that he got a picture.

A beautiful shot the the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!

The girls kicking back and enjoying the sun and view.

This was a chair in the Maynard Dixon studio that the girls didn't like. It was made of cow. The fur is the covering and the horns are the chairs handles, they thought it was GROSS!

This was a sheer rock drop off. It was good I wasn't there or the girls would never have been able to even get close. I hate sharp drops like this....can anyone say Niagara falls? Hey Ma no hands? There is no Super Man here to save you!

This bowl was created by the wind that goes through this area. Its so cool right?

Ok so really a backwards picture, the group stayed by the Coral Pink sand dunes and it was super windy. They had sand every where. This is the kids climbing back up after running and jumping off. They had a blast!

Get ready get set, go!

Maynard Dixon studio.

Sand dunes again

They made lots of stops along the way to paint and draw different areas

My kids favorite past time.....collecting cool rocks!

Pit stop in Cedar City to eat and stretch.

This picture of Anni is cracking me up...can anyone say CRAZY EYES?

This is a super creepy lady!


Sharon said...

wow, thats cool! i know i've seen th grand canyon,, but i dont remember

Nancy said...

Anni's arms look crazy long in that picture!! My favorite pic was probably the wind bowl! Thats cool that they got to go.

wienerhoneymooners said...

Awesome trip! What a great opportunity.
My favorite pic was the wind bowl too!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Looks like they had so much fun! Anni did have crazy eyes in that pictures. I liked it though, and the lady was a creepy lady.