Saturday, December 19, 2009

Colorado fun!

My sister (her blog address) had a baby boy that had some problems with is heart. He had to have surgery's and other invasive procedures for a newborn baby. My mom was able to stay for a month with them and after she left he developed some more problems, so I decided to go over to them for a few days. They were able to come home soon after I got there and so here are some highlights from our trip!

Addi had so much fun playing with REAL boys! They played Lego's and star wars, all kinds of stuff. It was great.
Georgie gives the best hugs and loves to pose for the camera! Kinda washed out, sorry!

Of course I had to take a ton of pictures of Kimble, he was so tiny and cute.

Oh look at that another picture of Georgie!

This was Sunday right after Shaina got home, the kids were so excited and everyone wanted to see Kimble.

I love this picture. Right when I went to take the picture he opened up his eye to look at me.

He almost smiled.

Boys having fun.

Shaina's kitchen is in roosters and the sun was coming in through the window and it was so nice to see the sun, however it was sooooooooooooo very cold when we first got there.

Sleepy baby, when he was totally asleep he would sleep with is mouth open. It was cute!


Me and My Girls said...

I love all of these pictures!!! I agree that one of my favorites is the one in the cradle and he opened his eye just as you took the picture. I love him!!
I also think that your pictures turned out super cute!!! Sharon might have some good ideas for yours and Jasons, I am not good with that kind of thing, and I will also take pictues of our stockings for you this year!

courtney said...

Great pictures! Kimble really is so cute! And so are all the rest of the kids, but he just draws the attention away for sure!

Sharon said...

I love the one in the crib when he's looking at you! I'm glad you got to go visit