Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Harry Potter Tree!

So for those of you who have been to our house before, we have this huge tree in our yard that we call "The Harry Potter Tree". It looses all of its leaves at once. Its really cool to watch it, its almost like a telephone and when one leaf falls its like a cue for all the others to follow. While it is fun to watch, it is not fun to rake up. There are SO many leaves. Fortunately for us this year the day after they fell there was a huge wind storm and it blew most of them away. (sorry neighbors!) I got some shots of them raking all the leaves with Jason's help. I was inside cooking a big breakfast for them as soon as they were done.
Leah doing what she does best....watching!

Licorice hung out outside the entire time, she loved climbing in the empty trees.

Team work!

It really wasn't that cold outside but Anni makes it look freezing!

We have a leaf blower and we let Addi run it. I was surprised when I saw him running that cause he is scared of the vacuum and that is what it sounds like. Its really heavy too!

He said to me "Mom I just love it!"

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courtney said...

Does the tree wack you if you get too close?