Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Stocking!

Ok so here are the stockings! I have a few more things to finish on them but I wanted everyone to see how they looked. I thought the Buzz Lightyear turned out awesome! I think that I will have beks take a picture of our socks at the house when she goes, it would be neat to see all of ours together again.
I still need to do mine and Jason's....any ideas?
The girls wont see these till Christmas Day.. I will take another pic of them filled and with the girls diving in! Merry Christmas!


courtney said...

Very cool stockings! You did a really good job on them, did Sharon help you make them? You could put art stuff on Jason's, like paint brushes and carving tools. On your's you could put a picture of Addi! (just kidding!)

Sharon said...

I love them!! they turned out so awesome, i keep telling you, put a chef on yours!!