Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More pics!

So by the third day Anni was starting to feel bored.. We watched movies and TV, but you can only do that for so long. The nurse came in and told us that they had some games and would she like to play? Anni asked what kind of games and when the nurse got down to the Nintendo and sat up a little straighter and said she would like to play that. I thought that it would be this little box that they brought in... no way it was this huge rolling game center that seriously took up the whole room. But she was entertained and it was great! Its neat that they have stuff like this to keep kids happy. They also had a Wii, game cube, play station..etc!

Here is a shot of the room on our last day. I slept on the fold out in the back. It was not very comfortable, but really cool that they have that option for parents.

I asked Anni if she was ready to go home and this is what she looked like...Oh Yes!

Uncle Jamie came to visit. He stayed with Anni for a couple of hours so Jason could go to the school and I was at home. He brought her a bucket of candy so she could "reverse trick or treat" her nurses, to say thanks. We had some great nurses and they totally deserved those treats. They kept saying how impressed they were with Anni, because she never complained about anything. They had to ask her if she wanted pain meds. She was a trooper and a very strong kid. She is back at school and wants to run and play but has to wait till her 2 week checkup. I hope we never have to go through this again!


shaina said...

I'm glad it's over and she is better. What a tough week for you guys.

Sharon said...

Hurray Anni's back home! That would have been so scary!

Me and My Girls said...

Dang with all the tv ice-cream and nintendo she still wanted to go home. I remember when I was young I would fake everything or overexaggerate being hurt because I wanted to be in the hospital so bad. I remember when Shavs fractured her arm I was so Jelous. Yeah that is not the case these days. So glad that she is home and happy and better.

courtney said...

I'm so happy that anni is home and safe! Good thing they have those options, next time I am in the hospital, I am asking the nurses to borrow stuff from the kids unit!