Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Bro has some Sweet Moves!

Ian came down for his "shaker board" competition. Me and Jamie met him at the location in Sandy. It was a cold, windy, rainy day. Bud wasn't fazed. He rocked it even with the weather elements against him and took first; like we all knew he would! Good job E!

Chillin before!
What was so funny?

Showin his sweet skills!

Some floor action...

My favorite move of the day!


shaina said...

It was just in the parking lot? I though it was on a stage or something.
Anyway, good job bud!!

iweb said...

this was like regionals. when i go to vegas for nationals it will be on a stage with lights and what not. thanks na and thanks kimmy and jamie for coming.

Me and My Girls said...

I am lovin' your velcro shoes bud!!! LOL. You are pretty sweet, and have some sceet moves too. Love you, and great job coming in first.

Sharon said...

yeah ian, i wanna see another video