Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ready for Spring!

The weather here has been so nice these last few days. I am starting to get some serious spring fever. I love summer and dread the fall and winter. I think I go into hibernation mode as soon as these seasons hit and my body starts to slow way down and pack on the pounds in preparation for those long dark months. Now that the sun is coming out and its getting warmer everything is waking up! Here are a few pics that I had on the computer, enjoy!

The girls had "crazy hair day" at school and these were the styles they came up with.

Got to have a back of the head shot too!

I always throw the clean clothes on my bed and fold them all at once. Addi loves to hide in the clothes. I didn't know he was there until I heard the giggling.

Aleah likes to have tea parities with her friend from next door. Notice how proper he is drinking his water with the pinkie out!


shaina said...

How did Leah's hair stay stuck out like that? That's pretty cool. When they get older, you should tell them that's how you always did their hair for school!

The Girls' Mom said...

I'm so with you on the spring thing. I keep trying to convince my kids not to get their hopes up (or my own) that spring like weather may not stay. Utah loves to trick us! Cute, crazy hair!

kdaygirl said...

I used a paper cup for the inside of the ponytail.

I agree about Utah liking to trick us. Snow in May is not unheard of around here..

courtney said...

Snow in June is not unheard of around here, but I am afraid we might not get much more and then there will be a drought...so, as much as I love spring and summer, I want more snow!

I did my hair like that in college with the cup inside the ponytale. I don't know why, just one day I decided to do it for fun and see what my roomies would say.

wienerhoneymooners said...

Hooray for crazy hair day!

We can't wait till Spring!

Shavonne said...

I'm ready for spring too. IT's been trying to be springlike but I don't want to get my hopes up because its the worst when you get a freak snow storm just as you're pulling out the warmer clothes!
that's a good idea with the cup! I was pippi longstocking one time and I used coat hangers to braid my hair around. Fun!

Kyle Kemble said...

how did you get Annie's hair to stick out, that is truly impressive! We hope to come to Whit's wedding, just depends where Kyle goes to school. Maybe we'll stay with you, LOL!