Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good Day!

This was a good Sunday. We all got up in time and got ready.We had a whole HOUR before church started and we were all ready to go. I thought that I would get a few pics of our family. We all were having a really good hair day, including Jason who had just cut his hair this morning.

Addi is being silly!

Now all the kids join in.. These are my favorite kind of pictures.

In front of the fireplace

I thought I was having a great hair day and needed to document it in case it never happens again.


Sharon said...

cute pictures kimmie! you're hair is cute! it almost makes me wanna try out short hair, but i don't think i could pull it off they way you do, you look hott!! PS-i live the couch!

shaina said...

I LOVE the pictures. Everyone looks so great. Love the one with Addi in the middle on the couch and his arms are open.
I think you succeeded in getting the short curly hairstyle Meg Ryan sported in Angel movie.

The Girls' Mom said...

I agree, very cute hair day! Isn't it nice when sunday starts out so nice!

courtney said...

Great family pictures, it's nice to be organized and all set to go to church on time, I never make it!

Queen of Chaos said...

Good hair day, indeed. :)

I savor the days that run smoothly.

wienerhoneymooners said...

Absolutely FabUlous!!!!
Hugs & kisses to ALL~

-Auntie Kimberly