Thursday, February 26, 2009

Field Trips..

So Aleah brought home a paper for a Field trip that her class is taking on March 9th. This was yesterday the Feb 25th that she brought it home. It asked weather or not she was going to have home lunch or school lunch (the school will provide a sack lunch for Field trips). Of course home lunch is so much better because you get to eat things that you normally wouldn't get to have.
I told her that home lunch was fine. Later that night I went to make dinner and I found a lunch bag on the counter. Miss Aleah had went and made her lunch for a Field trip that was 2 weeks away. I remember that excitement all to well.
Here is a story about my home lunch.
I remember going to the fish hatchery on a Field trip when we lived in Az. I think I was about 10 or so. I was super excited to get a home lunch because that meant we could have a soda (wrapped in tinfoil of course) in your lunch. I
had the best sandwich meat and cheese and some chips that are no longer made (keebler crunch twists in cheddar cheese, they were so good) and Pink snowballs for desert. It was so great and I was super excited to eat my lunch. I wanted to eat my lunch on the bus as we were driving but they collected all the lunches in our class.
After seeing the fish.
I was sitting with my friends and enjoying my lunch when I went to open my soda. It was grape. Or it was supposed to be, apparently we had run out of soda and all mom had left was a V8 veggie juice. GROSS!!! I was so bummed my good lunch was ruined by a tangy tomato drink that I still to this day cant stand! My teacher happened to walk by and exclaimed how much she liked V8. I gave it to her. I had to drink; drinking fountain water for my lunch. It was still a good Home lunch but would have been that much better with my grape soda.


shaina said...

I remember the tin foil-wrapped cans of soda. It was to keep them cold. So thoughtful.
Sorry you got V8 juice. That stinks. So gross.
Fun memory!

Queen of Chaos said...

This is the prettiest picture of Aleah!

Home lunches for field trips are always awesome! I always wanted my mom to come with me on all my field trips too. And she did. I only remember one time her not coming. I am positive it's because she was pregnant and was sick.

PS} Don't give Aleah V8!

Shavonne said...

Oh, that is so cute that Leah made her lunch already! I remember how good it was to bring a lunch on the field trips...usually an Owen's sandwich. Those lunches were the best! I don't really remember much of the field trips, but I do remember picking out lunch stuff.

courtney said...

That is a funny story. Mom would always try and trick us. In Washington, we had to drink gross Powdered milk, one day, there was a carton in the fridge and we all thought it was real milk. Nope, we poured nice amounts over our cereal only to taste that it was fake. Gross! To this day, I pour my milk first and take a drink before pouring my cereal. It has saved me some grief because sometimes our milk has gone bad.

L said...

OK, maybe it was me that sent the V8 juice but it just doesn't compute. If I got you snowballs and cheddar twistees and such, I would have got you a soda too. I think somebody played a trick on you.