Friday, February 27, 2009

Lexi and the Wax Museum

The kids school does a neat program for the 5th graders every year called the wax museum. They have to pick someone from American History and research them. When they have all their facts on the person they picked they have to memorize like a three Minute speech.
Lexi was Annie Oakley for her wax museum and after a small singing part of the program all the kids took their places around the gym. We then got to walk around and each kid had a little button that you push and they start talking about who they are and what they did. They act just like you would in a wax museum, it was really neat.

Lexi was in her "sitting"pose ( she had 4 posed that she did). She did a great job and you can see her button on her chair next to her, that is what you would push when you wanted her to start talking. This was a very enjoyable program and the kids I am sure learned alot, I know I did.

My friends son was Harry Houdini


shaina said...

That's really a cool thing that the school did. For some reason, I had it in my head that it was Lizzie that was doing it, not Lexi. Anyway, Lex looks very cute. Good job with her outfit.

Sharon said...

wow that sounds like a really cool program.. it would be so fun to go to. Lexi has on an awesome outfit... ANNIE GRAB YOUR GUN!

courtney said...

That would be a really good activity for a school to do! I would totally love going and watching it.

Maybe I can entice Lexi to perform for us while you guys are here.

Shavonne said...

That's a great idea! Sure beats learning history in the old fashioned boring lecture! Way to go Lexi!

Kyle Kemble said...

That is so cool, I wish I could have gone. Good job Lex.