Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stocking up for winter!!

We bought some firewood in preperation for the cold winter months ahead. We bought them in the round, it was a little cheaper and my big brawny husband said he would chop it up himself... I heard some noise early this morning and sure enough it was Jason. He got up and started chopping and stacking. He even enlisted the kids help!
Addi was helping daddy for a while stacking wood!

The kids loved it. It was a nice family building experience!


shaina said...

I remember helping stack up the wood on the ranch after dad chopped it. I also remember following the little logging trails up in the woods so dad can chainsaw down a few trees. Now, the memory will be passed on down to your kids as well. Good job on the stacking, and on the chopping!

courtney said...

I love the warmth of a fireplace! But sure does take a lot of work to enjoy them! Nice job getting the kids to pitch in, nothing like good slaves, I mean good little helpers! :)

Queen of Chaos said...

Good work for kids. :)