Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A visit to Cornbellies!

There is a neat place here in Utah called Corn bellies. It has tons of stuff for kids and adults to do. Most of the Elementry school kids get to go there on a field trip and enjoy some of the fun things. I have never been here myself and so I think this year we will go for a fun family night. Aleah got to go today with her class. She was so excited, she kept saying the name wrong (CORN FELLIES) and talking about her home lunch that she got to bring. It was cute.

One of the big attractions is the maze. Its huge u can see the road on the bottom left and the people on the upper right. They planted this in the spring and so they must have really planned out how it would grow. They dont cut the design its grown this way. Neat huh? I am not sure if the kids got to go into the maze. Maybe with a guide to get them out?

When she came home she brought me her pumpkin from the pumpkin patch (all the kids get to pick one when they go). She said mom look at my pumkin, its white.
I told her that was cool.
She said its a ghost pumpkin.
I pretended to scream and be scared.
She rolled her eyes and told me that white pumkins are not scary, they are YUMMY, and could we make it into a pumpkin pie and eat it?
I wondered if would that mean that the pumpkin pie would be white too?


The Girls' Mom said...

i love ghost pumpkins they are so neat looking to me. I've never been to that place it looks fun.

Queen of Chaos said...

Way cool place to go for a fun time. :) We have something very similar here called Snepff's Farm. We love going to the maze and picking pumpkins and enjoying all the fun things to do as a family. Though, the haunted train ride is not something I should of taken my kids on! Even I was scared!

That maze is so cool!

You should totally try making the Ghost Pumpkin into a pie...now I'm curious if it would be white or not. haha

shaina said...

Neat maze!! Sounds like a really cool place to go.

p.s. I am now 3 days closer to you. Do you feel it?

courtney said...

Hummm, I am only 4 hours away from you, can I become you BFF instead?

Or Maybe Leah will let me be her pumkin's BFF...as long as I am someones!