Saturday, October 18, 2008

I think I saw a ghost!!!!

I was talking on the phone with Beks and I looked out the window and I saw this man.. Holy Cow! He looks just like Grandpa Pete. Grandpa Pete is my mothers father and he lived with us off and on during our younger years. He fed us strange food and was just a strange grandpa but I dearly loved him.
There were a few things that made me think it was him for a split second. The tell-tale cowboy hat.. the long beard... the way he walked. It was the strangest sensation. I guess appropriate for this Halloween month!!!

He had stopped in the road to light a cigerette. (another of grandpas traits). Just long enough for me to get a few shots from my bedroom window. I dont think that Grandpa ever wore leggins over his pants? He made me think of Grandpa Pete all day.


shaina said...

The first picture does look a lot like him. When you get down to the legging's part, that's a different story. Grandpa was all jeans and cowboy boots.
Good pictures. funny the similarity. I swear I saw him in an aiport one day not too long ago.

courtney said...

It does look like grampa!

Rebekah said...

that si weird I agree it does look alot like him in the first picture, but then when you get down to the leg warmers, that is so not grandpa. good shots thought from your window.

Sharon Carpenter said...

holy smokes, i thought that was grandpa!! i remeber ian and i hid up in the crab apple tree, and when he came to smoke, we sadi bless you from the window, and he would say "thank the lord!" evn though he didn't sneeze! we though it was so funny

L said...

Holy Smokes! I does look just like Daddy!