Monday, October 13, 2008

Highlights from our week!

So I was looking on the camera and I took a bunch of snapshots this week of the kids and whatever... These are the highlights of the week. Enjoy!!!

It has been sooooooo cold here and I am sure its been cold where u are as well. Jason loves to make fires Addi is always asking him to make one. The girls love it too and sat and watched the fire until told it was past bedtime.
I told Addi that he could read books in bed for a while. I thought he was in bed asleep, because I saw a little mound under the covers. It wasnt until later when I was closing the house up for the night that I found him in the living room reading his books. Another sleeping picture, it reminds me of Jason falling asleep where ever he was..

I bought these slippers at the store in preperation for winter (all they had was pink Shaina!). I tried them on in the store and they felt so soft and warm. When I got home and tried to walk around in them it made me think of those women who wear high heel slippers and nightgowns together. They are like flip flops and fall off my feet. I let Addi play with them, he thought they were for him anyways.

Another shot of the fungus on the lip.. Sorry babe if u would just pose then these wouldnt be so embarassing!

Addi decided he needed his blanket from the dryer. When I asked him if he did this he said "No mom marshmellow do that!" (that is our cat and I am pretty sure he cant do this kind of damage)

This was what he wore pretty much the whole day.

Ok so our black cat doenst like our grey cat.. Who do u think was laying here first? He likes her and follows her everywhere just to bug her. She is much better than she used to be.


shaina said...

Those are great pictures of your week. There is something mesorizing about a fire. Glad you guys could enjoy it on your cold weekend.
Love love love addi's haltertop outfit. The glasses really add to the love. The pink slipper/flipflops seem like a good idea but I can see how they would be annoying to wear. Glad Addi can fall asleep anywhere. Seems to be a trait that has been passed down. love ya.

courtney said...

It seems as though my girls have really rubbed off on Addi, dressing up like a ballerina was Kenzie's favorite outfit!

Shavonne said...

I just love that pic of Addi in the tutu and upside down glasses! Sooo funny. It's nice to get an update on what's going on.

Queen of Chaos said...

Nope, it's not cold here. YIPEEE!

I went swimming yesterday and streched out and glided in the pool. I was staring at a cloudless blue sky as the sun was half setting in the sky. The palm trees and large willow like trees wrapping around the frame I was seeing made me reflect on how glad I was that I live in Phoenix!

The picture of Addason is freakin' cute!!!!

The Girls' Mom said...

A fire would be so nice right now!! Way to go on fixing your dryer!!!