Friday, September 5, 2008

Mom I Paint....

Lately Addi has been painting and loving it. He will sit at the table for at least an hour just painting away. He calls me in periodically and shows me what he has done. This last time I went in to see that he painted and he proudly said to me. "Mom I paint my face". He loves the color purple and that is what he chose. It was all over his hands to. Its good that its water paint and not acrylic or something like that.

What a crack up!!!


shaina said...

he looks ready to fight in combat!! Cutie little guy. I also brought out the watercolors for georgie. She will also sit for hours, and when I start to walk toward her, she says "No Momma No!" She thinks I'm gonna tell her to stop, but really I just want to see what she's done!

Queen of Chaos said...

I thought the same a Shaina...he looks ready to join the army. haha

It's cool when we see our children enjoy a hobby so much. I prefer our kids to do something creative instead of watching TV all the time. I really, really HATE TV.