Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some things I thought were weird and cool......

Ok so I am not sure if all of u have heard of SkyMall magazine? They have some random things in it. I think that people that invented something try and get it into this magazine. Some of it made me laugh so much that I just had to share what I first thought when I saw it. There are some pretty cool things in the magazine as well and so I kept a copy of it. MayBe I will order something from it???

Who hasnt wanted a spatuala and sissors combo? This would totally save some time right? It just looks really weird.

" Oh dont mind me I am just taking a small rest"
This u have to blow up like a toy. It is huge and really bulky. I would be embarassed to use it.

What was your cat just doing? U guessed it. Its a litter box that u can hide in your planter. Why do u want your living room to smell like kitty litter? U just turn the opening to the wall when your cat is done. Your guests will never know, right?

Dont pay a costly service to errate your lawn, I thought to myself "I have 5 kids that could do the job". Strap these babies on them and tell them to go walk around the yard for an hour or so.

I have always wanted people to know that the meat they are eating I made for them so why not brand it with my initials right?

This would just make your pet see what he or she is missing and want to get out of the yard even more.

For those of u that are scared of spiders and dont want to catch them, just vacuum them right up. Flies dont stand a chance.


Sharon Carpenter said...

man, i'm laughing so hard, whenever i'm on an airplane i always look at this megazine, some of the things are weird, but really kinda cool

shaina said...

I agree. I find some things interesting in that magazine and others are just beyond wierd. You never know, some of these misfits might backfire on you, just like my tent-cape thing for haircutting did. Who knew it would have such fans.

Queen of Chaos said...

With flying everywhere for years I've seen all the weird things in this magazine could offer. But there's always something new out there that is crazy. They always make me shake my head. Weird people out there.

The Girls' Mom said...

i would totally use the bug vacuum except I already just use my own vacuum. and the pet port hole was hilarious! thanks for giggle this afternoon!