Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back from Seattle!!!

Ok here are some pictures that we took and I will come back and post what they are about in a while. Gotta to take care of some house stuff...more to come later...
Ok Corks did a fantastic job while I was away . The house was neat and orderly when I came home. Addi came out with some bumps and bruises. They was he is I am surprised that is all that happened. By house stuff I mean that I needed to unpack and entertain the kiddos. So I added descriptions to the pictures feel free to read what they are all about...

We were walking up the street to go see the space needle and this was a cool view of the Seattle street. It seems like everything goes up and so this was a perfect shot of the street and the buildings .

We walked up to the campus to see a few museums and this building was in the middle of campus. It is beautiful and the pics dont really do it justice. (they are also out of order. This is the inside of the building, they use it as a library now and it is awesome!!

This is the outside and u can see the stained glass windows and there are figures in every window. Jason is acctually standing on the steps the the left of the far set of doors, that is how big this building was.

This I thouht was a cool view from the top of the space needle of downtown Seattle..

We were walking to go inside and I got this shot from the ground looking up.

Another neet building that was huge!!

Ok so for part of our "go Seattle" cards that we bought a tour of the "Museum of Mystries" ooohhh scary was included. I was really excited to see this one. Apparently someone in WA took a picture of the famous Sasquatch and its documented in this museum. I say museum but really it was a small room that had a couch in it a binder with some "spooky" stories and some pics on the walls of big foot and alien siteings. It was really sad. The best part was this Big foot in front.

Walking along the downtown and pike place and saw this "Dwight head". For those who have never seen The Office, go and rent it! It is sooooooo funny. U will get why this is as well.
SHAvs I took this pic mostly for u cause it made me think of u!!!

Ok so we just got done doing the Deception pass boat ride (for those who went on the advanced Bio trip with DR. Wendle, u should know where this is) and went to find the gift shop and this was just sitting in a random place. It doenst belong but it was the funniest thing, so I had to get a picture with it.

He is about the size of a small dog. It was really funny.

This is a picture of the deception pass bridge from our boat tour.

This is a picture from the top of the deception pass bridge.

A neat shot of the clouds and water from the ferry ride..

We were on the ferry and got a pic of us leaving the shore. I loved the ferry rides. It was pricey to ride them and so we only did it twice.

Snap shot of Jason and his mom. He wasnt expecting it thats why his eyes are closed. Still a fun pic!!

This is Jasons Uncle Jean. He performed the ceremony. It was a tradtional cermony that he did for his tribe. (Not sure what tribe) It was really pretty.

This is most of his brothers and sisters. Kevin is the only one missing. I have a better picture I just like this one because Mom is laughing.


shaina said...

Those are some cool pictures. Love the laughing face on Jay's mom. Glad you found your "office" guy and the pictures of the buildings and streets are cool.

Sharon Carpenter said...

oh, i can't wait to read about all of them, i love all the pics, and the little sklo man

The Girls' Mom said...


courtney said...

What do you mean you have some house stuff to attend to? I tried to get the girls to clean it pretty well? Was is not good? I'm sorry!

The pictures are really cool, I am excited to hear what they are all about!

Shavonne said...

That was cool! You guys did alot of stuff, did you also go to Pikes Place? I would have LOVED to see Dwight's head that way, that was great!!