Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fiesta Is Besta!!

This is my current collection of Fiesta dishes.. They are my favorite. I love the bright colors and whenever I look at them they make me feel so cheerfull. My goal is to get enough plates so that everyone could eat off of them when we have a party. I need at least 15 more, currently I have about 17. My favorite dish is the deviled egg plate pictured below in red, I have the green one and it is better. I also love the yellow butter dish that James got me at a yard sale for $1.00. To give u an idea of how much these dishes cost, u can get a dinner plate, mug, saucer, and bowl for about $50.00 unless u are a savy shopper and find them on extreme clearence, which is the only way to buy these. If u find them in a thrift shop thats even better!!!! I hope these make u feel as happy as they make me!!!! I love u Fiesta!!!

Fiesta® Dinnerware was designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936 and is now among the most collected china products in the world. As originally designed, the line featured art deco styling and bold, bright colors. The product was discontinued in 1973 and reissued in 1986 withnew contemporary colors to mark its 50th anniversary. Fiesta® Dinnerware’s styling complements a wide range of decors.The fifteen bold colors complement one another as well as a wide rangeof interior palettes. Over 50 items in the line provide maximum service options and ensure consistent tabletop styling. The plate’s coupe shape allows maximum food plating surface; sculpted concentric rings highlight and frame the food presentation. Alpha Alumina added to the body enhances durability and provides superior heat retention.


shaina said...

Finally I get a picture of your Fiesta plates! They look lovely. I'm sure they really brighten up your kitchen!
love ya

Queen of Chaos said...

You have a very nice collection here. Not too bad at all...15 more pieces is definetly doable.

The deviled egg tray is very cool. ;)

sharon c... that's me said...

seeing them in person is even better, there is nothin' that compares! i love the display, i think the colors are the best part

shavs99 said...

Hooray for Fiesta! I also have recently become a collector. I went from two place settings before Christmas, (adn my birthday) to 9 place settings after. I love all the pretty colors and have great joy when I look at them. Its like a surprise party each time I open my cupboard!