Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Family Fun Day!!

We dedcided to take the kids bowling on Saterday for some fun. They worked hard all week and deserved a reward. We gave them some options and this is what they chose. I used to think that bowling alleys were gross but this one was pretty nice, no smoking but there were some drinkers. Overall we had fun and will deffintly go again in the future!
I wanted a picture of all the kids in their cool shoes!!

Leah getting her ball!!

I hope that the camera adds 10 pounds because that is a bad picture!!!

We are not doing very well, high score ended up being like 90. Sad huh?

Leah liked to throw the ball, this is the one time it landed in the lane!

They have these neet stands to help, addi would push the ball down the lane and he acctually got a strike one time!! Way to go Boyo!

I love this picture of the shoes!


sharon c... that's me said...

Fun, i love to bowl, darick is in a bowling league at work.

shaina said...

You are beginning to be more like me! I totally would have taken pictures of the kids in their bowling shoes. Way to go! Next step, SCRAPBOOKING!
By the way, 10 pounds or not, you look great!

Queen of Chaos said...

Bowling is always a FUN family activity for us. I was looking through one of my many scrapbooks a few days back and was drawn in on the bowling spread I did because the kids looked so young. I'm so happy for cameras! Looking back on the fun we had is priceless.

Speaking of kids looking young...yours are looking much older, taller these days. Time flies when your having fun. ;)

kdaygirl said...

I will take picture but the scrapbooking is deffinatly out....I get to bored, when my friends get together to scrapbook I crosstitch instead.

shaina said...

You'll come around...if you want to get into Heaven.

kdaygirl said...

Na just having a sister like u is sure to get me into heaven!!!!

shaina said...

Well, now you REALLY can't live wihtout me!