Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why I love the Portland Temple!

I can remeber when I was in young womens and we took a trip to the Portland Oregon temple to walk through it before it was dedicated. I was super excited because I wanted to know what it looked like inside. The oustide was gorgeous! Once we were on the tour and I got to the Celestial room I knew this was the temple I was going to be married in. I wanted my girls to be able to walk through a temple before it was dedicated so that they could make that same goal. Here are a few pictures of my experience from when i was young.


sharon c... that's me said...

i remember when shaina got married, we all went over to the temple, and i was waiting outside, it was so pretty. glad you got home ok!

shaina said...

We both decided after the open house, that we would get married there. When you got married, you looked so happy and sweet. Glad I was there to see you that day.
Can't wait until you post pictures of the Rexburg temple.

Queen of Chaos said...

Being at this temple with both you and Shaina was great. It's a beautiful place- I can see why you'd want to be sealed there.

Warren and I were able to go to the Portland Temple two other times when friends were married there. Neat expereinces!

For me- the Salt Lake Temple was always the place I dreamed of being sealed. I remember being a girl in Primary {living in Germany} and knowing it was where I'd be married one day. What were the odds? But I made it there and it was AMAZING! The reason for it was that a ancestor of mine, Miles, was one of the stone cutters for the grand granite stars and other things on this temple. He was also one of the few men who owned an Ox and cart and was asked to work in the quarry as well. Since I heard this story as a little girl I felt very close to the this particulair man and the Salt Lake Temple.

Our son was named after Miles, too. Tucker Miles. A grand honor for Tucker!