Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pecan crusted French Yummy!

We went to a restaurant in Washington once that had the Yummiest breakfast choices. I chose Pecan crusted french toast and Jason had the cinnamon role french toast. His was good, but mine was better. I have been recreating this dish for a while now trying to get it just right. Here is what I came up with. Its super easy and uses items that I usually have at home.

 I always have some sort of French bread laying around that has gotten old, and this is perfect for french toast. Did you know you were supposed to use stale bread to make it? I learned that on the food network.

 Melt some butter in your pan. Get your egg and milk mixture all ready. I always add a little flavored creamer to my mixture; it gives it a nice flavor. This time I chose Hazelnut.

 My coating is cornflakes, pecans, cinnamon and sugar. I crushed the cornflakes and pecans and added a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of sugar. I rolled my bread in this and made sure to coat all the sides.

 I cooked it on both sides till it was a golden brown. I like to put my french toast in the oven for ten min or so, because I don't like the middle to be SOGGY....that's just gross!

 I took the leftover coating and fried it up in the pan; it gets nice and toasted.

I top my french toast with this Syrup; we have a local restaurant that uses this same syrup and it is to die for! We had a good breakfast that lasted us most of the day, they are very filling!
Items needed

cereal (cornflakes, honey bunches of oats)
buttermilk (if you dont have it you can make it by adding a tblsp of vinegar to a cup of milk and let it sit


shaina said...

That's great!!! Love french toast, and love pecans, especially when they are nice and toasted, as they are with the butter.

Sharon said...

yum! that looks soooooo good!

The Girls' Mom said...

Autumn made this for me, it was sooo good. Im glad you posted the recipe. I had fun seeing your girls, they are getting so big and lovely. Did they tell you I said Hi

kdaygirl said...

They told me that a friend that I knew in high school says hi...I was like who did you see? and then I remembered that you were visiting! I hope you had a fun day crafting. Next time you come down I will come over and say hi. Me and Jason were at the temple.

courtney said...

You should try using Honey bunches of oats as the outer layer, it is good!