Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas, New Years and All That Jazz!

So we had a busy few months after Addi's birthday.
This is the last few months in a nutshell.

 Aleah had her Christmas singing program, she had to dance with a BOY! It just so happened that the boy she was assigned to dance with is in our ward. It was super cute, when they went to go up the steps to dance he waited for Aleah and then held her hand all the way up the stage, it was soooo cute. I like the picture cause she is clear and the others are blurry, its a cool motion picture. When they were done he held her hand and walked her back to her seat.

 She would practice the songs and home and she did a really great job!

 She wanted a picture with this snowman...?

 Alexia turned 13 (WOW)! She invited some friends over to spend the night and she also wanted to go see Harry Potter #7. She had four friends show up a few stayed the night and the rest went home after the movie. Pretty soon I will have 3 teenagers in the house and 3 girls in Young Women's! I love it!

 Aunt Beks came to visit!!! We did lots of fun things. We went to see the Carl Bloch show at BYU and that was so great. We went and saw Narnia, we went shopping and played games. Here she is cooking dinner for us. Sharon came over and hung out that night as well, the pics are out of order. I laughed cause the way Beks was wearing her apron? Never seen that before! HAHAHAHAHa

 We went to temple square and ate in the cafeteria before we did some temple work. Beks helped me do some of Jason's family and it was really great. We went to a live session, and then walked around temple square for a bit looking at the lights, they were so pretty!

 Goofy sisters!

 and again!

 Lights on Temple Square, it was a really nice night. Not to cold; however it was a little crowded.

 Salt Lake Temple Ariel view

 When Beks came she brought all the snow from Washington with her and the kids had a blast playing in it all. We got around 2ft that day.

 The kids made a sled run off our porch, here Beks is trying it out before she left to go home.

 Gotta do a goofy shot...its a must.

 We love you Uncle Beka!

 Sisters! Love you Beks, you are so strong and working so hard. I am so so proud of you!

 Jason kept throwing the kids in the snow, here is Addi catching some air.

 After he landed, see how deep it is?

 Anni taking her turn on the sledding hill.

 Christmas Eve, we went out for Chinese food with Warren, Jamie, Phena, and Jim. It was good and we had a fun time.

 We totally filled up the restaurant, its not very big either. We had a lot of kids there.

 Christmas Morning! Santa came and filled the socks. The kids were up for awhile but they were not allowed upstairs till I came and got them. I like to record their reactions.

 A picture before the kids came upstairs (Thanks Aunt Kim, Uncle Scott, Grandma Crickett, Aunt Carol and Uncle Ray) we had a wonderful Christmas day.

 Christmas Morning 2010. We had to hurry because we had to go clean the church (I know right? on Christmas Day?) however when we got there someone had already done it as a gift and those of us that showed up all got to go back home and enjoy our day. Thanks to whomever it was!

Later on Christmas day, we did our gift exchange with Warren and Autumns Family and James and Mel. James and Mel always do boxes of Cereal for the kids (I love that!) Here are the kids with their boxes and other gifts.

 Jason gave Warren a photo of a Cactus so he wouldn't miss AZ so much.

 I gave Autumn a Gourmet cupcake book, you can make a gourmet cupcake with just a regular cake mix. I am still waiting for a Key Lime one!!!!

 I gave Mel an Umbrella with Edward on it, He will keep her nice and dry!

 Jason gave Jamie a sign that says "show off your rod, fish naked" (it was more of a joke (sorry mom) and he loved it.

 The real gift was another picture of him fly fishing, those never get old!

 For New Years we were at the Ellico's. We played games and ate LOTS of food. The day after we got there it started to snow, and snow, and snow. This is what it looked like after it was done. Needless to say, we didn't go anywhere. That was fine with us, because we got to play more games!

 They got like 18 inches I think? But it was sooooooooo cold and the kids couldn't play outside really because of the low temperatures. I think the high was around 18?

 The kids exchanged gifts, we love visiting our friends!

 Anni and Cassie
This was Katie and Lizzie's Model faces? It looks more like something stinks and they don't like it?
I hope all of you had a great year end, we did and we look forward to more fun times in 2011!


Nancy said...

I wish I could have come visit the week Bekah was there!! I miss you guys. I love the snow pics!

shaina said...

that sure was a lot of snow!! Glad you had so many visits with family and friends!

courtney said...

Good post! I like when you can do a gag type gifts!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I loved looking at all of these pictures!!! For some reason warron looks like he has a super small head in the christmas pic of him...I wore the apron that way because when I was cooking it splats up on your top not down on your thighs...and I couldn't find one that covered both. I do this at home too because I do not have a long one. I loved being able to come visit. I had such a great time! Love you too sis!

Queen of Chaos said...

I have the key lime in que... and you'll get one. :)