Monday, November 10, 2008

My Baby is Three!

My Mr. has turned three! He is still my buddy, but is getting to be a big boy. Here are a few highlights from his big day.

After church we were getting things cleaned up and were trying to teach him to say "I'm three". He kept holding up six fingers and so we just left it at that. It was a cute picture of him with his dad. (who is clean shaven by the way).

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

A present that was a big hit. Why Dora I dont know he just liked that one better than the Diego sit and spin. This is a must have for any child when they are little.

He was a good sport and ran the Gaunlet, however he was wondering why he was getting so many spankings. Thats normally for naughy boys and "I not naughty mom!"

This was today. He was asleep and looked so sweet.

Then marshmellow saw him and decided that this just wont do and preceded to nuzzle and lick and purr in his neck till he woke up. Marshmellow sleeps with him and night and does the same thing but he sleeps right through it till he is ready to get up. Then he tells me Marshmellow loves me mom!


Sharon said...

he's so big! what a good biy, and so cute

shaina said...

Happy Birthday Addason!! Georgie is just one month away from being three too!!

courtney said...

I forgot when his birthday was but I knew it was coming up. Wow, weird to think that your youngest is 3. Cool!

We are The Kemble 5! said...

I love the pic of him with the candles. It looks like the anticipation is just too much!!! I really like the black and whites too, very pretty.