Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trick or Treat on main street!

Spanish Fork city has their trick or treating the weekend before Halloween. Each business on main street can set up a game or just hand out candy. Its a neat way to promote your business and for the kids to have extra fun before Halloween. James and Mel brought the boys and here are some highlight shots below.

Looking across the street at all the kids. We came straight from our Primary program practice and so our costumes were quickly thrown together.
Donnie and Kara's store. They had a huge line that went all the way back.

Elmo (their son Lincoln) was kind enough to let us get a picture!

Jamie is working this wig!!

Carsen was my buddy for the afternoon. He came right back to me when he was finished getting his sweet treat. What a good kid!

My mans full stache..... Its coming in nice huh? Still not a fan of it though.

The boys were the chimpmunks. They were a hit. We kept hearing kids say "Mom their goes Alvin!!!"


shaina said...

Very cute. Looks like a nice warm day.

The Girls' Mom said...

I love the chipmunk costumes! and you look so pretty!

iweb said...

I like J's STASH