Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Remember Spirit week when you were in school?

Ok so today was decade day and they told the kids to pick a decade to represent. Any guesses as to what decade Liz is showcasing?
I through this little outfit together for her last night. I took one of my old shirts that I didnt want and cut the sleves off to make the leg warmers and then cut the neck hole to make it hang. I restrung the beads to make a chunky neclace and did her makeup to. Believe or not I used to wear my hair this way.


Queen of Chaos said...

She looks like she would of fit right in with us back in '87! :)

shaina said...

That's like, so totally rad. I mean, if anyone has, like, anything wierd to say, they can gag me with a spoon. She's trippin' the lights fantastic.

courtney said...

I'm digging the outfit.

Good job throwing it all together.

The Girls' Mom said...

She is soooo cute as an 80's gal.