Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Napoleons got nothing on Annika!!!!

So on Sunday Annika decided to draw a couple of self portraits of me and Jason. I thought they were to cute, so of course I had to share. She said she is going to do one of everyone in our family and so when she gets to it I will share those. She told me that she is really busy with "stuff" and that she will try and draw them this week...oh and she is only 9. I Just love the shading on my upper lip, it probably took her hours to do that.
I saw her start Jasons portrait and it looked just like and alien head outline, it was really funny.


shaina said...

I like how she put the wrinkles in jason's forehead.
"It's probably her best drawing."

Sharon Carpenter said...

thats pretty sweet. they're pretty much the best pictures i've ever seen

The Girls' Mom said...

I'd like to see her favorite animal