Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rexburg Temple Trip

This last weekend we went to Rexburg to walk throught the new temple. It sits high on the hill and you can see it from the freeway, it looks very majestic. Here are a few snap shots from our weekend. Angel Moroni (I know seen one and you've seen them all still cool)
I took only the older girls to the temple and left Addi and Leah with Corks, so that they could experience it with out the distractions of young ones.

It was sooooooo cold but very beautiful!


This is a picture from the freeway that I zooooooomed in on.

Jared got a good snap shot of us, I told him I would take one of him and he said he would wait till there were flowers. It was acctually one of the warmer days they have had, the sun was out but it was still like ten degrees or something.


Queen of Chaos said...

Very neat experience as a family. :) Our family went through the Snowflake Temple before it was dedicated and the experience we had there as a family was wonderful.

To me this temple sort of looks like a 70's style. I wasn't sure what I expected but not this. No matter what it looks like the same ordainances are shared and received as anywhere else. All temples are marvelous!

sharon c... that's me said...

you got some cool shots! the temple is so pretty

shaina said...

Heath said "You could slip and fall, and freeze there, right in front of the temple." He agreed that it is bitter cold.
glad you got to go see it. Thanks for sharing pictures!
love ya