Saturday, September 15, 2012

Capitol Reef Continued.

Early Sunday morning Jason and I took a small hike on a trail that overlooked the green area of Capitol Reef. It was a beautiful sunny day!

Jason Checking out the view from above our campground

We fed the kids breakfast before church and headed out. Its hard to want to go to church when you can shower before it starts, however the place was PACKED! It looked like stake conference there but it was just all the campers loyally attending their meetings.


After sacrament was over we headed back to our campsite for some lunch before we hiked down Sulphur creek. We stopped a the visitor center and asked the rangers if the weather was going to be ok that day. He said it looked just fine, showed Jason the radar and what the weather pattern was doing. He said "Go for it! Lots of people have been hiking there today" so we said "Great!"
We had a BIG lunch before we left and packed up all the extra hot dogs that we cooked in some foil in case the kids got hungry along the hike. We also packed 3 camel backs full of water. The kids each had a backpack with water and snacks for the hike. In Jason's we also put a whistle, flashlight, lighter and the rain ponchos. (there was no cell service for 11 miles around us, so no phones)
This was the start of the creek, see there is no water? It was pretty dry for the first part of the hiking.

There was these really cool cuts in the rocks along the creek, we climbed and played on them as we went. Keep in mind the clothes you see are the only clothes we took with us.
As we walked we started to come to the water, it was not very deep, maybe to our ankles? There was however MUD! This is actually mud that Addi and the girls are standing in. It was almost like quick sand! They had fun playing in it and rubbing it on their faces.

Addi liked playing in the holes in the rocks!

The kids lined up for this photo and as you can see the water is not that deep

So we finally got to the first waterfall, and was so cool as you can see the water is a little deeper. We played here for a while. The water was not super cold but it took a second to get used to.

Jason was still up on top of the waterfall, we used a strap to help lower the kids down when it was required to climb down some rocks.

Crouching tiger hidden dragon Lexi!!!

Lizzie trying to block the water (Jason said when he came with his BYU kids there was hardly any water running, that was in June)

Jason jumping through the water!


courtney said...

It looks really fun! We need to go camping with you sometime.

shaina said...

great place to hike...but not get stranded, right?

Sharon said...

Looks like it was a nice day... Except for that crazy flash flood!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Awesome!!!! Your audience demands more updated :)