Thursday, August 16, 2012

Portland and Powells Books!

Day 2 of our coastal trip!
Ok so our next stop was Portland and Powell's books! As you can see from the picture it is huge!! They gave us a map when we walked in and you would have totally gotten lost without it! We spent about 2 hours here and all the kids got to get a book to read for the duration of the trip. It was a great place to find books, but boy was it crowded! 

 Before we made it to Portland and Powell's we stopped at Little Stone Henge along the way, cant remember the name of the town.... Anyways it was pretty cool. It was VERY hot outside so we didn't hang here for to long.

 This was the view from Stone Henge and it was clear enough to see Mount Hood!

 Jason got a really cool shot of the windmills that were literally everywhere! I love looking at these windmills! Funny enough every time we have driven through the gorge it has been super windy and this time it was just to hot.

 We stopped off at the Multanomah falls right before we got into Portland, it was very busy and there was even a wedding taking place. Its such a beautiful waterfall and it helped cool us off for a little while.

 This was the next morning after we got to the coast and our campsite, because we spent so much time at Powell's Books we missed the tours for the Tillamook cheese factory.. Bummer! But the kids were ok with it when they saw the ocean for the first time that night. Jason was kind enough to set up camp while I walked the kids down to the water.

 As you can see they forgot all about cheese!

 We woke up early the next morning and packed up our tents but stayed to hang out on the beach for a while. The tide was out and we were able to see alot of the sea life (more of those pics later). Lizzie jumped into mine and Jason's picture at the last minute but left when she saw us kiss! Ha Ha!

We love the ocean and brings back memories of our marriage, 17 years and we still like each other! :)
More beach pictures to come!


wienerhoneymooners said...

Awesome fun at the ocean! Look forward to more great pics of the trip.

Nancy said...

I want to go to a huge bookstore someday!