Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Miss Me Much?

Well I am back, sorry I haven't been blogging my computer as been MIA for awhile. Anyways here are some posts for you to enjoy!

Below are some pictures of the tree that fell a few days before we left on our coast trip. We were playing games with The Ellico's who are the best friends ever! Anyways our neighbor knocked on our door and said we might want to come and see what our tree did to our cars.

The Ellico's van was parked right here on the road and lucky for us the tree missed all of our vehicles! The branches landed around the cars and we had a few scratches but nothing major. We have an amazing ward and within minuets the call went out and we had about 8 Elders show up with chain saws and we were able to cut it down and get it all cleared up in about 2 hours. 
The weird thing is that the wind wasn't even blowing that much, normally if I am worried about the wind I will tie the trampoline down and I didn't even do that. We were super lucky that it didn't land on the garage or ANY of our cars. 

Stay tuned for more fun posts about our coastal trip!


shaina said...

Crazy! That tree is big and strong too! I can't believe the limb just tore down like that!

courtney said...

WOW! What more can I say...

Nancy said...

Holy cow! I can't believe it! I'm glad everything was ok!