Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hide and Seek!

These are pom poms made from tissue paper for Phena's daughters wedding, she used the to decorate the gym and they looked really good and were super easy to make. Autumn and I made over 50 of them. These were some that I was going to take to the church and I kept hearing a rustling noise coming from the middle of them. All of a sudden one of the cats jumped from inside this pile and it was so funny. They continued to play on these till I moved them to the table before they could get torn, but not before I took some pics of Rascal and Licorice playing hide and seek with each other.

 Can you see Rascal?

 If not here is a better view!

She was so funny!

                                                                     Here comes DIVA!

They had fun, and it was fun watching them. I might just make some for them to play in!


Nancy said...

haha I love the pictures of Rascal in them.

Jo Anna said...

Actually, I counted them you and Autumn made 114! Good job ladies it never would have come together without. XOXO