Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spiderman has been Kidnapped!

(click on photo for a closer look)
If anyone would like to see this webbed crusader again, you will send Addason $1 million pennies care of Kim (his Mother).


I was going into the kitchen to make lunch and I saw this. I quickly grabbed my camera because it was so funny! Addi had taken the red tape off the Bananas (the red tape bananas are cheaper, and go bad faster for banana bread) and wrapped up Spider man. I guess Venom won this round!


Sharon said...

Funny! I especially like it around his face

Jo said...

thanks so much for the blog! It is so nice to see what your family is up to these days. I used to love Addie's dude, that guy rocked!

Queen of Chaos said...

Addi's imagination took him to new heights- especially for Spidie. :)

Tucker is really liking Spiderman too these days. He wants to watch the cartoon a lot.