Monday, October 25, 2010

Zions national park!

So on our way back from Flagstaff to visit the Ellico's we drove through Zions. (we had to pick up Jamie's car and it was easier to go through Zions and up then to Cedar City and down, then back up). We took some candid shots of the kids and the area. I think it would be a great place to camp and have a Family reunion! We might do that sometime next summer as our family trip.

 There were these really neat over hangs of rocks, good place for a picture!

 This was a huge rock wall that was easy to climb up but you had to be super careful coming down. If you tripped you would just roll and roll. ( I didn't love seeing the kids up there)

 I didn't like being up there as much either, that's why I am hanging on to Jason for dear life!

Lots of pretty colors in the trees.

 Addi was getting ready to jump to lex and I caught his "spider man jump!"

 There were 3 old cars in front of us going down the hill that slowed our decent. That was fine with me, the slower the better.

There was a neat arch in the rock that the kids pointed out. There was a lot to see and hiking trails, oh well we will have something fun to do next summer for sure!

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Queen of Chaos said...

Those are some awesome pictures!

I love the natural beauty...and the beauty of your children. :)