Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween window design for 2010

We chose to make a cat for our window design and it is so cool! You can see our cat window from main street at night, it glows orange!
I like that Jason got a picture of Licorice in the window, I think it adds to the effect.
I hope we get a lot of Trick or Treat-ers (on Saturday) since Halloween is Sunday this year, in Utah kids go out on Saturday. I am sure we will have a few that will come on Sunday. On a side note Jason and his Elders Quorum have to speak on Halloween which I think is to funny, hope its not to SCARY!
I need ideas for next Halloween...leave me some!


shaina said...

Looks great! I dont' know about decorations, but I'm putting together a sweet menu, with monster hands, mummy fingers, swamp creatures, and bloody juice.

Sharon said...

I think you should do a spider next year.... great window pumpkin!

The Girls' Mom said...

that is super cute, I might try my own shadow decoration!

courtney said...

We have our Primary Program on Halloween and so Jared and I were joking about doing a spooky halloween song except is has to be church approved...so jokingly we could do Follow the Prophets in a spooky way while the kids dress up as dead church presidents from the past and walk down the path in a zombie like fashion!