Friday, January 22, 2010

What could be better than this?

There are dog lovers and then there is me. I LOVE cats, I would have a ton of them if the husband wasn't so intolerant of them (however he let Rascal sit on his leg for like 3!). What could be better than the Purr of a kitty? Since we have gotten the kitties we have had so much fun with them. They are loving and like to play. They sleep with the girls, cuddle with Addi, torment Licorice and generally act like kittens. Here are some highlights of life at our house with them so far.

They totally relax when they sleep, its really cute.

Pearl sleeps with her tongue out pretty much all the time. As a matter of fact, her tongue is always hanging out of her mouth and with her being cross-eyed...well you get the picture.

Addi was reading to them one morning. He had each of them on their own cushion, it was really cute. He also gave each of them a toy to play with if they wanted. Raskel has a mouse and Pearl has Addi's klees (not keys, klees).

Since they are sisters they like to sleep together. Today they just happened to pick me to sleep on.

Ahhh what could be better than a purring kitty and a warm fire?


Me and My Girls said...

so cute! I love that addi was reading to them. He "loves them" Pearl is so cute and I love that her toungue is always hanging out. she is hem.

shaina said...

Love the pictures. They sure like to sleep a lot!! The little tongue hanging out is so cute.

Queen of Chaos said...

The kitty with her tongue hanging out is funny and cute.
Our kitty, Tux, is now an adult and is rather stupid. But, he is very cuddly and that's good for the kids.

Shavonne said...

I love it, everything you say is so true about Cats. They is nothing like having a kitty around, and falling asleep on you!