Sunday, December 21, 2008


These are just some funny things that I have heard over the last few days...

A conversation between Addason and Jason.

"Hi Addi"
"Hi dada"
"Did you have a good day?"
"What did you do today?"
"I hold Still!!"
He had been jumping on my bed and I told him repeatedly to stop jumping and Please HOLD STILL! Well he listened.

An conversation between Annika and mom while making a cake together...We made a carrot cake with "stuff" added in..
Annika asks... "Mom is that coconut?"
Mom answers...."Yup it is, do you like it? "
"Umm, I don't know it smells good."
"OK well I guess you will have to taste it and see?"
I went to the freezer and got out the nuts..
Annika says... "Oh I like walnuts"
Mom answers.. "I don't and so I am adding Pecans. I love pecans and I don't like Walnuts they taste like pennies to me."
Annika replies.... I don't like pecans.
Mom says.. Have you ever tried them?"
Annika.... "um I don't think so"
I told her that these were the best nuts and so therefore they were the "King Nut".
She then replied to me well mom that makes you the Queen nut!

I overheard Singing the wrong lyrics to many Christmas songs.. here are a few I heard.

(To the tune of drummer boy)
"Do you think what I think, Do you think what I think, " this is sung over and over with no other words.

I saw me kissing Santa Claus underneath the sistertoe last night.

Up on the house top click click click, out comes Mr Santa Claus and he paused. (she does not know the rest).

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shaina said...

Cute!! I like that you are the Queen nut!!