Sunday, September 28, 2008

We got eight Kids!!!

Ok so we are watching corks and Jareds kids while they are off having fun in sunny Florida. I told Corks that I would post some pics of the kids.
We went to church today and it was pretty good. We only had one hand get stepped on, crayons stolen, crackers smushed overall not to bad.
We got lots of comments and looks.
Eli really likes spagettii
Cheesing out for the camera

Addi got into some trouble with Alexis so they had to stand in the corner and Eli decided that he wanted to stand in the corner with them.

Alexis didnt want him to stand with her. She said "No Eli, this is Alexis' corner"!


courtney said...

I am so glad that you put those up! Those are great pictures. Keep em coming!!
We are having a good time, I seriously have to just cover my eyes whenever we are driving. Jerry is such a freaky driver.

shaina said...

You've got your hands full. At least they know which corner is theirs, so there will be no confusion for the rest of the week!

Queen of Chaos said...

Fun for them!