Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ok so we get back from our trip to Washington and realize that our registrations is up on our van. This is our main family car and so it has to get done ASAP...

I take it to get the safety and emissions tests done and it fails the safety because the tie rods on the van are about gone. This will cost $200. I say thanks and go home (driving illegally by the way). I wanted to get a second quote on the price to fix these. It ends up that the price quoted was a good deal. This all took place on Thursday morning. I call back the mechanic to set up a time on Friday to get these done. "He will be out of town till Monday, Can u come then?" Of course because if I had anyone else fix It I would still have to go to him to pass the safety. So early Monday we drop off the van, (when they said to) and no one was at the mechanics. I left it because I needed to take Jason to work so that I could use the car to take Addi to the Dr's office and pick up the girls from school and not be driving illegally. Then go pick Jason back up from work and go pick up the van when it was done. Phewwwww!!!

On Tuesday morning I gathered everything that I would need to register the van (minus the Az title; couldn't find it. I am usually really good about paperwork but for some reason its GONE).
We get to the office to find a sour looking women behind the desk. She asks me "Register or buy?"
I look at her and stutter um Register? She hands me a number. I assume that I will wait till my number is called since no further instructions were given . I brought a bag of stuff for Addi to do in anticipation of having to wait. So we colored and listened to the music.

About 20 min later my number is called and we go to the counter. I tell myself that if I am happy and cheer full then whoever helps me will feel my cheer fullness and will be happy to.. Yea right.

"Good morning" I say.
I get a nod and she sticks out her hand for my paper work. "What do u need?"
"I need to register my car" (Still cheer full; because I have hope)
She looks through my paper work and asks me where the title is and I tell her that I don't have one from Az and need a temporary registration till it comes in the mail, but that I have my old title if that helps.
At this she snaps her head up and looks at me and says...'They didn't take that from u when u registered in Az?".
"NO" I said.
Now she is all business because we might just have a criminal on our hands. I imagined metal bars blocking all exits and handcuffs coming my way. She informed me that it should have been taken when I registered in Az.

It turns out that I never got a AZ title because my van was still owed by the bank when we went to register it and so they wouldn't issue a new one until it was bought in full. But now because we moved and didn't inform the DMV that we moved????? my old registration was revoked and I had to apply for a reinstatement of my UT registration (wasn't that why I was there?). This is a completely different process that requires more paperwork and proof of insurance. (which I left in the van, but not on purpose. I thought I left it at home). She said to leave and call my insurance and have them fax a copy of "proof of insurance" then come back in and take a new number from "sour faced women" and wait. I did all of this. I get called back to the counter ahead of everyone else. She was holding my fax in her hands.
To my utter surprise she was soooooooooooooo nice this time and apologetic because what she asked me to get from my insurance company and what I needed to get were 2 different things. It was gonna take another hour to get what I needed to finish the registration. I was not happy but I told myself to remember that cheer fullness really does rub off...... After half an hour went by she finally told me that she would take care of the mess and that I could go legally with my new set of plates and Utah registration.

I told her thanks for the help and she told me that most people would have gotten mad and frustrated and that it was a pleasure dealing with me. I was glad that after 2 hours at the dmv I didnt loose my temper.

If u made it this far thanks for listening to my rambling. I am happy that next year I can do all of this by mail!!!!!


Sharon Carpenter said...

at least you knew it might take a while and had things for addi to do. registration of any kind is always a mess... you always need "one more paper"

The Girls' Mom said...

Way to go on not losing your temper, I would have! sometimes I think people make stuff too complicated!

shaina said...

Very nice, kim. It's hard to be sweet in times like that. Why is the dmv always such a hassle!!