Monday, June 23, 2008

Suvivor Springville 2008!!!

My friend Kara has an antique store here is Spanish Fork where we live. Springville city was having a "corporate survivor challenge" and they needed 6 business to enter. She just happened to see the city flyer and called to sign up. She asked me and 4 other girls if they wanted to participate and of course we did. Here are some pics from this 3 day event. It was a blast!!!
Above are the winners and players of survivor China. Todd who has the microphone won first place and Courtney the one in the tank top won second. Todd acutally lives in Pleasant Grove which is just a few miles north of us. My favorite was Frosty he was very down to earth and nice. (he is between todd and courtney)

This was Saterday night. We had a loooooooong day and it was nice to relax for a bit.

This was a challenge on Saterday afternoon. We we tied together and had to follow strings with a ring to get papers that spelled out a phrase. We lost this one.

Here we are pictured with Courtney and Jamie from survivor and a few of the kids that came to cheer us on.

This was a fun challenge. You had to capture lunch bags that had items in them and if u got the right one u could cross it off the list they gave us. If the item was wrong u had to throw it back. We won this challenge!@!

This is when we are throwing bricks and breaking tiles that we made.

Here is everyones tiles.

We won this challenge! One of our tiles survived it was great.

This is jo doing the endurance challenge. She did great and stayed up when we thought she was gonna fall. They went from 2 feet to one and she balanced awesome!

This challenge there were manilla envelopes in the feild and we had to run to the numbers in order and retrieve a letter from them. There were 19 letters in all. We got to have one of the original China members run a leg for us and we had Frosty do the last one. He was so fast and he also knew where #19 was.

The phrase that we had to spell was.
"outwit, outlast, outplay"

This is us waiting for the parade to start. One challenge was to scoop as much Manure as possible. They said we didnt nessesarily have to stay on the parade route. We could get manure anywhere we could find it. We just did the parade route.

This was friday night at the springville pool. We needed to keep the pool above water. Me and Jo had buckets and tried to drown other peoples pool. We lost this one pretty fast. The pool got really heavy.

Thursday night was the opening dinner and orientaion. They started the challenges after dinner. This one was hard. My teamates would put a dish on my tray and I had to hold it up and balance it. We lost.

Thursday before dinner we met some of the winners of Survivor China. They were very nice and down to earth people.

People kept cheering for the "pooper scoopers" so we cheered back!

This was our team flag and we got these really neat swim caps for the competition at the pool. It was so much fun.


Shavonne said...

I love, love, love this whole thing! How fun!!! All the different challenges sounded like so much fun, and were so creative. And awesome that you got to meet actual survivor members!
Oh, and I also really like the swim caps, very cute!

shaina said...

So glad you finally got to play your favorite game!! LUCKY!

wienerhoneymooners said...

This is totally the COOLEST!!
Way to go! SO totally fun.

Queen of Chaos said...

This is great! Glad you got to be involved and enjoy this day. :)