Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I tuckered him out...poor boy

So I made Addi sweep for his chore. He really likes to play with the broom and so if u cant find it the Addi probably is playing with it. So I the house was to quiet and so I went to investigate why and found him like this. He worked so hard.

Leah and Addi were playing downstairs and he tripped and fell on the vacuum. He cut his eyelid poor little man.

He really like this doll and has been taking it everywhere. He was really upset that we didnt have any clothes for it. He keeps putting his own clothes on the doll but they are to big and always fall off.


shaina said...

So cute! He looks so sweet. Find his baby some clothes!!

sharon c... that's me said...

he falls asleep doing the funniest things

Shavonne said...

It looks like he has been riding that broom, then it was like a mind zap or something and he instantly fell asleep! How funny! Its cute that he has a favorite doll. I agree that it needs some clothes