Monday, March 31, 2008

A discussion with Aleah....

So I was driving in the car with Aleah this morning, we were going to Sam's Club to get soap and other things that we needed for the house. I ussually do this once a month. When we go we get to stop at Burger King and get breakfast. Addi likes the french toast sticks and Aleah wanted the Ham and egg croisant. She was eating her food and didnt finish all of her sandwich but she wanted some of Addi's sticks. This is our conversation......

"Mom can I have some of Addi's food?"
"U need to eat yours all gone and then if u are still hungry u can".
"I can't finish mine, my tummies all full up."
"Well then I guess u are to full to eat some of Addi's then".
"Wait mom let me burp."
"What? Why are you doing that?"
"To make more room for food".
"Where did u learn that???"
"Mom, the gasses build up in your tummie and u have to burp to make room. (Say this in a Duh voice, like I should have known).
I said to her "ok burp away....."

This story made me think of Shavonne. We were all eating at Old Country Buffet or somewhere like this and she said "Man I need to go to the bathroom". I said "oh u have to go real bad huh?" and she said "No I'm going to make more room for food......"


shaina said...


Shavonne said...

Hey! I think I learned that from Jamie! haha

Queen of Chaos said...

Aleah is such a hoot!

The Girls' Mom said...

I love your daughters conversation! I always get excited when I see it is something she says, kids brains are so different.

sharon c... that's me said...

i think aleah says the funniest things, you should write a book of her thoughts