Thursday, January 31, 2008

Memory Lane!

When we went to Rexburg this last week, we took a walk down memory lane. We showed Lizzie where she lived after she was born. We were in Rexburg from 95-96, while Jason was finishing one of his degrees. It was so cold and blustery that we spent most of the time here trying to stay warm. We made some very good friends, that we still stay in contact with. Some highlights were going to the temple every friday and then treating ourselves to Taco Bell for dinner. We had thanksgiving in the hallway of our apartment and invited anyone that was not going home. Donna and Tirell were there and about 3 other couples. One of whom was from Brazil and so that thanksgiving we had beans and rice and Carribian quizine, it was awesome!!! This was Donna and Tirelle apartment, they lived about 10 feet from our door. They were there about 3 months before us. When we moved in she saw this stuffed heart that hung on our door that said "I love u". I think that one of my sisters gave it to me before I left. Donna said that when she first saw it that she thought we must be such a "cheesy" couple to hang that up. We became fast friends, they were so funny and they owned a TV when we didnt. I used to go over to her house everyday at 1:00 and watch "Days of our Lives". Good times.
This is the outside of the apartment. When we were here the bottom floor was a dance club and so we got to here all the music and dance in our apartments for free, it was great.

This is our door, many times we caught people coming in through the fire escape. The building door had a key that u needed to get in, but if u forgot it u used the fire escape. We used this hallway manytimes for paties and for art projects, it was cool.

Front door of the buliding, notice the key lock? Yea it doenst work anymore. Our rent was $265.00 an month for a 1 bedroom that was a good size for a newly married couple. When James came he lived right down the road only a few house from us.

Jason job was to work on HVAC team. Heating and cooling on campus. His boss asked him if he also wanted the job of taking care of the pool. He made sure the pool had the correct amount of chemicals and that it was clean. One time he and sean a guy that he used to work with had to empty the pool clean it and refill it. They had a blast he was gone all night. Under the pool is the matinence room and there was this wall that was gray and so his boss asked him if he would paint a mural on it. He got paid to do it and so that job lasted until we moved. I would bring Lizzie to see him under the pool and watch the swimmers, it was fun. And now this mural is there under the pool, not very many people know of it. I was glad to get some snapshots of it while we were there. Jared knew some poeple who let us in. Yea JAred!!

More snapshots

My favorite part of the mural!

The man himself. A job well done.


sharon c... that's me said...

oh hurray, you finally commented on my blog! i'm still a freckly faced girl. he remember when i use to bring you ice water?

Queen of Chaos said...

Cool! I love visitng the places we've been or lived. It's fun ti share the stories with our children.

One of our favorite things to do as we drive with the kids is to point out he hospitals where ewach were born and exclaim that so and so was bornt to us THERE! The kiddos love it.

{Conner was born is Mesa and you can see the hospital from the freeway. Parker and Tucker were born at St. Joeseph's in Phoenix- so was Uncle Ian- but you can't see that hospital unless you drive right by it in town. And Emmalese and Spencer were born at Good Samaritan in Phoenix and you can see that hospital from the freeway.}

shaina said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures kimmie! I hated that apartment building you lived in. You had to walk down a bazillion stairs to open the door for me, and you were pregnant, so I felt bad every time.

By the way, Autumn, Ian was born in Show Low. He was air-vac(ed) to Phoenix after he got pneumonia.