Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My sister is the best..........and she loves me!!!

Shaina toled me how to start a blog and so this first entry is dedicated to her....This is all about Shaina and how much she loves me.. When we were younger she would follow me around all the time and so i dedcided that she needed a title that is where "Assistant" was born. She would help me cook and clean, all I needed to say was a good assistant listens and she would. She let me wear the hat in the picture because she wanted me to be happy. She got the same glasses as me when we were younger and we have the same color of eyes. My sister is the best and I love her.!!!!!!!

Our eyes are the same color !!!
This is all about u my sister!!! What a baby doll face!!!

Dont u just love the hat ???


shaina said...


OK, so I'm the first to comment on you totally fantastic blog!! Great entry, by the way. I think you should have at least one blog a week dedicated to your hero, your sister, your best friend: ME!

By the way, your eyes DO look green. So I guess I have green eyes too, right?
Oh, and you SO wanted to wear that hat. I went hatless, just so you could look so beautiful. What are sisters for?
Love ya best friend! (but only if I'm yours!!)

shavs99 said...

Uh, oh. I feel that I may soon be persuaded to join the ranks of the bloggers...